The Club



Welcome to the Kid’s Waggle Club!  We are vested in teaching children all about the importance of all things related to pollination.  The more our children know where food comes from and who the key players are in that process, the more our food resources will be protected in the future.  Children need to understand we are part of a greater whole, and everything we do affects another piece of that whole.  We, as humans, are responsible for caring for the planet and all creatures living in it.  This club emphasizes education to breed more care and concern about the environment.  We are a native bee originated company, but the environment is also extremely important to us.

The Club

Every summer we will host a series of activities that will keep your kids engaged in the outdoors all summer long!  Each summer will build on the previous summer, and will teach on pollinator topics, and how those topics relate to our environment.

Who Can Join

We are looking for children who love to learn and want to be our planet’s helpers.  This club has been designed for elementary age children, but could easily expand into middle school age children.

Cost to Join

The cost will vary from summer to summer, but will be as affordable as we can make it so many children can join in and learn.  This year, 2016, the cost is $5.99 for each participant. This gets you the electronic journal to print from your computer, along with access to pollinator fun all summer long.  You will also enjoy occasional discounts in our online store at:

How to join

To join you will need to complete two steps: 1. Subscribe to the email list .  2.  Purchase the pollinator hero journal.  Once you have done both, you will receive monthly emails with instructions exclusively for club members.  Additionally, you will receive fun facts, answers to questions asked by fellow club members, and notifications of any posts on the Kids Waggle Club website. Use to ask questions, or to contact me regarding all things pollinator.


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