Name That Pollinator


This is a sweet female Mason Bee. Learn more.


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This super cool green bee is commonly known as a sweat bee.  Learn more.



This petite pollinator is named Ceratina, and ranges from 0.1-0.5 inches! Learn more.


Did you know ladybugs are beetles? And beetles are pollinators! Look at what this ladybug is standing on. Do you think it will move pollen from one small flower to another? You bet it can!


Did you know squash plants have a very special pollinator dedicated only to them? Read more here!

Bumblebees are buzz pollinators, which means they are the best at pollinating tomato flowers, because the pollen is contained inside the enclosed anthers of the flowers. The only way to get it is to shake it violently, and bumblebees do this best by buzz pollination! See them live!


I bet you know who this is! This one is quite worn from her short life of 2 weeks, but in case you don’t know, this is a Monarch butterfly!  Here’s what you can do this fall to help Monarch butterflies to flourish next year!